8 interesting facts to improve emotional intelligence

Are you one of a person who will not express your opinion at the workplace? Do you have certain compulsive habits that you just can’t seem to stop?? And if at all once you get angry, there is no stopping you? This results in a lack of career growth although you possess good skills. Also, will you let everything out when you are emotionally imbalanced and can’t really go with teamwork??

Then you should focus on points to improve emotional intelligence to get rid of the above-said problems.95% of participants gave themselves high marks in self-awareness however using more empirical measures of self-awareness, surprisingly the study found that only 10%-15 % of them was truly aware.

So this will help you to get out of the problems in the working atmosphere with the proven factors of how to improve emotional intelligence.

By increasing your emotional intelligence, you can adapt qualities like a collaborative teammate, a more empathetic marketer, and a better leader.

Additionally, research suggests that people with high emotional quotient than those with lower emotional quotient have higher job satisfaction.

What is emotional intelligence :


types of emotional intelligence

We are all having emotions but the question is whether you are aware of these emotions and their impact they have on your behavior and people around.

The term emotional intelligence was explained by two scientists, Peter Salovey and John D.Mayer.

They described it as “a form of social intelligence that involves the ability to monitor one’s own and other’s feelings and emotions, to discriminate among them, and to use this information to guide one’s thinking and action”.

In simple words, the ability to know your emotions and regulate them; also recognizes and understands other people’s emotions.

Before getting to know about how to improve emotional intelligence we have to look onto the most important factor like what are the qualities of emotional intelligence.

They are around five

  • self-awareness
  • self-regulation
  • motivation
  • Empathy
  • social skills

These are the qualities that we should really look out to overcome the fear of how to improve emotional intelligence.

Why is emotional intelligence important? Why it matters for teamwork?


build emotional intelligence in teams

Multiple studies have shown there is a significant correlation between emotional intelligence and workplace success. We all know that victory isn’t just about what you know it’s about joining with people around you too.

Shall we start experiencing? Why is emotional intelligence important, with proven case studies?


Imagine that you are four years old now and I am giving you some candy and leaving you alone in the room. But I am telling you to wait until I return and if at all you follow the rule you will be given another candy. So what will you do?? Some people can’t wait and some do.

Now forget about the candy this is the proven fact through research that after doing it to the children participated in the case study, they were tracked down after ten years. You will not believe that the kids who were able to resist temptation had a total SAT (scholastic assessment test) score that was 210 percent higher than those kids who were unable to wait.

Self-regulation plays an important role here; the ability to control your moods and feelings.

Benefits of improving emotional intelligence in Teams:


qualities of emotional intelligence

A team can have everything along with the talented and most qualified people, access to resources, and a clear mission. But still, fail because it lags group emotional intelligence. So teamwork does require emotional intelligence.

We shall now go check why is emotional intelligence important in teamwork with one more proven research.

Now you tell me one thing definitely you will have an impact after watching a film likes adventures, horror, and thriller, etc. So it is nature that impacts emotions that occur when it is influenced.

Same way during the research process a group of people was invited and made into teams. And a trained actor is inserted into every group to play the role of manager. They made discussions to allocate bonuses to the subordinates. The actor always spoke first. In some groups, he remained cheerful, in others just relaxed without interfering much, and in others negative depressing statements.


The results indicated that the actor’s cheerfulness leads to improved cooperation, fairness, and overall group performance. You may also look into this article to gain more tips for amazing teamwork.

How to build emotional intelligence in Teams:


improve emotional intelligence

Group emotional intelligence defines small acts that make a huge difference. It is not about the team member working hard like all night to meet a deadline; it is about appreciating for doing it so.

It is not worrying about harmony, lack of tension, and which include something that all members liking each other; it is all about acknowledging when harmony is false, tension is expressed, and treating others with respect.

Some research says to get rid of the fear of how to build emotional intelligence in a team, we have to cultivate the most effective term called “Trust building” among team members.

Remember the earlier discussed points about how to improve emotional intelligence; yes your intuition is correct we are going to work on team evaluation and regulation.

The main objective of self-evaluating the team also includes feedback.

1) Scheduling time to test the effectiveness of the team.

2) Create some attainable tasks to measure them along with processing objectives.

3) Always acknowledge and discuss the team’s mood.

4) Communicate effectively about your sensitivity to what is transpiring in the team.

5) Try to engage in more meetings to track down the emotional level of the group, which relates the most effective method called process check.

6) Get feedback often from the teams like how are they doing that would really help.

7) Post your work and invite comments.

8) For better results, do benchmark your progress.

I really want you to grab and get along with the next process that helps to regulate the emotions of the team members.

I want to tell you folks this is a really interesting and attainable process. It includes creating resources for a positive working environment.

  • Utilize the time to discuss the difficult problems facing by the team and try to address the emotion that surrounds them.
  • Try to create a fun-filled environment or influence positive feelings while facing stress and tension to get relieved.
  • Do express a high rate of acceptance of the team’s emotions.
  • Be optimistic towards the problems and reinforce that the team can meet a challenge something like, we can do this or nothing will stop us.
  • Focus on what you actually can control without worrying about what you can’t.
  • Always remind them about the importance of teamwork and their positive accomplishments.
  • Always remind them about the importance of teamwork and their positive accomplishments.
  • Do focus on problem-solving, not blaming.

I would also like to include more tips to solve problems in order to spice it up with great solutions. One such thing is to anticipate problems and address them before they happen. Always take initiatives to understand and get what you need to be effective.

Important Categories to be Concentrated:

As you read through these, always remember that a part of being emotionally intelligent isn’t just having these qualities; its understanding and managing them, also includes the performance. The intent is a huge part of it.

Let’s discuss what the types of emotional intelligence are. We should really care enough to eliminate the idea of how to improve emotional intelligence.

The first one is to know about ourselves thoroughly including our strength and our weakness which is called self-awareness.

I want you to take immediate action by stating at what you are extremely good at and one which involves your low performance.

Now imagine you are facing both, feel your emotions in both situations including your face reactions.

You are wondering now why I am asking you to do, because that part will show your awareness skill and also your ability to manage two opposite situations. Being emotionally balanced is more important, which explains the second one called self-management.

Third comes social awareness which includes factors such as

-collaborating with others

-developing rapport with others

-relationship quotient should be built

-Team management

Conflict management, change catalyst, influence, inspirational leadership will come under relationship management.

Confidence: Make it (OR) Fake it:


improve emotional intelligence

Like if we look deep into what are the components of emotional intelligence, includes only two more factors along with the types discussed above.

One of the components includes self-motivation; one should always motivate themselves with their own beliefs.

The five B’s should be developed to boost up your confidence level

-Believe in yourself

-Be open-minded

-Brush your attitude

-Be conscious and clear-headed

-Be focused

The other comes under the concept of empathy. Have you been sorry for something for not analyzing it properly?  Have you ever tried to overcome that part? The best solution is putting you in their shoe and not only just think how they would tackle, do actually feel it with total emotions.


How to deal with low emotional intelligence:

deal with low emotional intelligence

Before getting into this topic deep down it is important to know, what is the difference between emotional intelligence and intellectual intelligence?

Intellectual intelligence is all about the ability to understand information, go through the possibilities, use intuition to solve problems and make a decision.

And I am sure that you have come through the intelligence quotient called IQ to evaluate the above-said skill.

Emotional intelligence is defined as understanding the emotions of their own as well as others; also regulate and manage them to give better solutions.

To capture the idea connect your-self with the question called how to deal with someone with low emotional intelligence, there are few tips that can actually help in an efficient way.

1) Should make them believe the process of trust-building.

2) Do play active listening to actually understand them well.

3) Converse more with the questions so that they will try to implement a solution.

4) Try to influence the positive vibes around them to get out of their emotional inability.

5) Last but not least ensure they know how important the adaptability factor is.

Applications of emotional intelligence and methods to test emotional intelligence:

To calm our minds during the conflict and serious trouble we need to concentrate on the applications of emotional intelligence.

STEP 1: Take deep breath which will give you the capacity to remain calm and focus in tensed situations. It is one of the amazing ways to quickly relieve stress.

STEP 2: Focus on your body to improve the concentration on the physical sensations that arise, which will help you to begin and change them mindfully.

STEP 3: Actively listening is the only way to settle disputes, because if you are only paying attention in the argument it shows you are not listening at all.

STEP 4: Ask questions to avoid argumentative responses and invite them to speak honestly about the issue. Use open-ended questions to avoid making the other person defensive.

STEP 5: Consciously lower your voice.

STEP 6: Please let go of the problem if at all you feel like you really can’t have control over them.

Followed by how to test emotional intelligence comes under your regular part by arising taught provoking questions inside you, start listening to your inner voice. BE THE JUDGE OF YOUR COURT!!!

If you want to test your emotional quotient, you can visit here to undergo a free test provided by psychology today.



improve emotional intelligence

Social and emotional performances are four times more important than IQ in determining professional success and prestige. Emotional intelligence isn’t a fixed trait; it is something everyone can improve with time and perseverance.

However, emotional intelligence is not the only essential way to upgrade your job performance. Rather it provides the bedrock for competencies.

We should start creating heroes of people to help others. “The success or real happiness is not just deserved to the person who got to the top of the mountain first; the credit goes to all the people who helped them. If you are the person who believes in encouraging good team behavior, recognize it, and call it out for what it is through comments below”.

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